Mission Statement

The New American Theatre Company NY is driven to expand the scope of the current American narrative by developing and producing non-traditional theatre that is unapologetic, evolutionary and inclusive. Inclusivity means themes, staging, casting and storytelling that engage with those that are different and unfamiliar to us. We challenge ourselves to invite them to our table, to build something new.

The NATCNY believes that theatre stands at the crossroads of community, culture and history. We are creating a space beyond the proscenium where artist and audience can spark new dialogue, make innovative work and be a part of the force that changes the conversation, both in our theatre and the community at large.

An evening with The NATCNY is unlike anything you will ever experience!

We start our evening with a pre-show cocktail hour, where we invite our audience to bring their best dish or dessert to share with the community as we engage the central event ... THE PLAY, after which we enjoy a stimulating community chat discussing the play and its relevance to the culture and times in which we live, followed by an extended time of live music, dancing and cocktails. It is theatre as a social and cultural event where you may come in as a stranger and leave with a new network of friends and collaborators! So make your plans now to join us and we promise to make it an evening you won't soon forget!

See you at the theatre!

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Artistic Director & Founder of The New American Theatre Company


Meet The Ensemble Members Of The NATCNY(More Bios Coming Soon!)